Karan Trivedi, Fitness Model


I have had this ‘Beast’ for about a month now and I think this is the smartest purchase that I have ever made. I purchased it online and took it to my local bike shop to have it assembled and the owner was very impressed with the quality of the bike and wanted to know where he could get one. Hands down a great bike and every time I ride I turn heads too !

Dhruv Suri, Business Analyst & Strategy Consultant - Tata Group


"I just purchased my 1st bike in over 12 years & I must say that this is by far the best bicycle I've seen. I rode my Propane bicycle for the very 1st time & it was simply superb.
Thank you for crafting such a wonderful bike & helping me revive so many wonderful childhood memories I had riding bikes growing up"

Bharat Bhatia, Student


"This bike was just what I needed to ride around my campus. The best part about the bike is that it is very stylish yet affordable, even for a college student !!!
I can't wait to ride my bike every morning & show it off to all my friends.

Shashank Jain


"Rare qualities of hard work and dedication, striving for perfection and not just marketability, are found in the brand. The team behind the group is whole heartedly involved in the betterment of the product and the experience for the customers thumbs up"

Gautam Mahajan


"I checked the quality built and features ..totally world class and comparable to leading international brands selling in India.. Cheers To Mitra's Team and Wish you Good Luck.. Create Big Name..